Safa 5.88

beauty in simplicity

From the start, The Safa TKL was designed to have a simple aesthetic – as boxy as you can get, combining both western and eastern aesthetics.

Make use of traditional top mount or gummy o-ring mounting. Dedicated plates for ANSI, ISO and JIS, coming in your choice of aluminium or polypropralene


version 2 prototypes

Safa is intended to be a lightweight, simplistic take on the TKL form factor. My intentions were to have a crisp, sharp sound profile, akin to that of eastern-designed keyboards. With a 2:1 bezel ratio and subtle rounding, I have been aiming for what is basically a refined rectangle. The entire chassis has a ledge around the sides and back for portability. Functionality and small QOL improvements were made over time.

Some very scuffed soundtests, but hopefully you get the idea

extensive PCB support

– F12 / F13 support

– Split Right Shifts ; Regular, JIS

– Bottom Row – 6.25u, 7u (tsangan and WKL), JIS 4.5u, JIS 3u


production history

version 1 prototypes

The initial design was intended to have a simple external profile, which has carried over to v2. Each unit had 8mm uniform bezels and were all WKL units – I tried to make it work, but I was not happy with the aesthetic result. Note the engraving. I recommend grabbing some acrylic paint and having a go!

Safa Prototype V1 – Cherry Topped H1’s, GMK Burgundy on Safa’s 188c colorway


The following changes were made for v2 prototypes

  1. AFH reduced to 18.5-19mm from 20.5mm. Small, but significant change
  2. Side bezel reduction, likely what takes this from being an “okay” board to something that looks significantly better
  3. Engraving updates – rounded off, cuter font
  4. Engraving location – moved to inner radii of Pause key
  5. Weight rework – lower case height, therefore thinner weight. However, weight now covers more surface area
  6. USB rework: up 1mm on y axis. Now there is a groove on the back ledge to easily identify the location
  7. Plate tolerances: much much tighter, 0.5mm on north and south sides. Still room for wiggle, may tighten, but this will increase the risks of fitting
  8. Top mount actually works