GMK Arabic Addon Kits

White on Black Addon

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Kits are to be updated

Disconnected glyphs are being used for each sublegend, unlike SAA, which mostly uses the connected character variant. For the sake of consistency with this character version, the sub on “I” key will remain as ه.

A simple alpha addon kit, providing coverage alongside Drop’s WOB kit, or Qarmaa’s WOB Cyrillic to use on multiple boards. The extra tab allows for complete coverage of a board with an alternate bottom row, while the extra pipe keys (to be added) will provide coverage with WOB Cyrillic (arabic has no subs on pipe). Sublegends are UV Printed. UK ISO addon keys are included as well as the extra B for ergo layouts.


23/10/2021 – Kit updated with additional pipes for compatibility across multiple sets