b3 x h 60%

A special, “One off” (5 units made) concept 60%. The factory used is a very high quality and reputable factory (Same factory as SingaKBD, TGR, and the older Keycult boards). 

The case itself is made from a CNC-milled 6063 block of aluminum and is bead blasted and anodised. There is a large, unengraved CNC-milled brass through weight to tune the board’s acoustics, the weight has undergone basic clear coating to slow down tarnishing. 

The case design takes cues from classic Korean customs “Kustoms” with large fillets inspired by the OTD 360C Corsa and a side profile inspired by the LZ SQ. However, the board deviates from the Korean tradition of high typing angles with a tame 5 degrees angle and a low front height. Keycaps will sit slightly lower than most boards, this is done to reduce the gap on some PBT sets (ePBT, CRP, BSP) so that the keycaps sit more in line with the case. 

The mounting system also takes cues from the OTD 356 Mini sandwich gasket mounting system with a Gummy O-Ring gasket mounting on small tabs (spacebar tab removed compared to OG Mini mounting) while Poron strips add slight compression from above to tune the sound